How to find a healing diet for yourself this 2020.
I remember starting the new year by checking my Pinterest Account and filling up on natural and healthy remedies for any ailment I felt I had to get rid of. 
A whole bunch of them included the "Elimination" of: beer, headaches, dry skin, hair loss, stress, cellulite, anything that fought the bloat, and hangovers. Pinterest was my antidote and I was going to do all the remedies listed and that was going to help me feel better period. 
As you may have guessed here, I would try on apple cider vinegar with lemon juice and at the sight of it, I would force it down, feel the burn and hope and pray that by the end of this course I would come up healed. Never hoping to repeat this remedy again. But that didn't work either. 
When I looked for remedies, I always expected that the action I would take, by way of a remedy, would cure that hurting. For years I was trapped in this "I will find that dose that perfect and I will be…
The Pictures that Have Left an Impact on my journey.

April 18, 2015 I see myself in a different place physically, emotionally and personally. I    
was doing my very best. But still felt worried, tired, stressed, active, unhealthy. I was
defiantly trying to become better in the area of wellness. I new I was stressed. My sight on
my left eye and right eye had momentarily gone- that was scary AF! And I felt super heavy.  
And so on.

December 14, 2015 Brady and I got engaged. This is one of my most favorite memories. We
where in Sausalito at a fantastic restaurant. Free Dinner Brady won for us to celebrate. I wonder what happened to this beautiful sweater?

Meet Brady. This was him in March 2015. Our lifestyle as not helping either one of us. We partied every weekend and buddy up ourselves in a couch cocoon where we'd sleep all day and compromise our true desire to be healthier. Key Word here: BE. We met on accident in NH in 2009.
This is us night fishing. We hiked out on this beau…